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Selous-Mtemere to Dar es salaam flight



Embark on an enchanting airborne journey from Selous Mtemere to Dar es Salaam, spanning the picturesque landscapes of Tanzania. This flight invites passengers to witness the breathtaking transition from the lush, greenery of Selous Mtemere to the vibrant open grasslands near Dar es Salaam. An ideal odyssey for nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, and those seeking an authentic African adventure, this route unfolds Tanzania’s natural wonders. As you ascend, marvel at the diverse ecosystems below, transforming into the iconic landscapes hosting some of the world’s densest populations of large predators. Join us to soar above a landscape where every moment is a captivating glimpse into the soul-stirring beauty of the African continent.

Selous - Mtemere (SE40)

Zanair Selous Mtemere Airstrip Safarisoko

Selous – Mtemere (SE40): Gateway to Untouched Wilderness

Selous – Mtemere (SE40) stands as the gateway to the untouched wonders of the Selous Game Reserve. Tailored for chartered flights embarking on Tanzanian safaris, this airstrip exudes the essence of adventure amid the unspoiled beauty of the southern safari circuit. As your aircraft descends, immerse yourself in the pristine landscapes, welcomed by the vibrant greenery and diverse birdlife, marking the commencement of your immersive nature odyssey.

Discovering Selous – Mtemere: A Wilderness Escape

Travelers arriving at Selous – Mtemere (SE40) often arrange ground transportation through accommodations or safari operators. Ensure a seamless transition from the airstrip to the heart of the reserve by coordinating arrival details in advance with your lodging or tour agency. The journey from SE40 becomes an integral part of the adventure, offering the potential for spontaneous wildlife encounters and a sneak peek into the varied habitats that make Selous Game Reserve a truly distinctive safari destination. Embark on an exploration where every moment is a connection to the untouched splendor of the natural world.

Dar es Salaam T1 (DAR)


Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR), located in Dar es Salaam, is your gateway to the vibrant landscapes and cultural richness of Tanzania. Serving as a pivotal point for international and domestic flights, DAR airport ensures a convenient start to your Tanzanian exploration.

As your aircraft touches down at Julius Nyerere International Airport, you are embraced by the warm Tanzanian breeze, setting the stage for your adventure. DAR airport caters to a range of flights, connecting travelers to the captivating destinations within the country.

Embarking on a Tanzanian Safari

For those venturing into the wonders of Tanzania’s wildlife, Julius Nyerere International Airport is a strategic entry point. Safari enthusiasts often arrange ground transportation with their accommodations or safari operators in advance. Coordinate your arrival details with your lodging or tour agency to facilitate a smooth transition from the airport to your safari destination.

The journey from DAR airport is not just a transfer; it’s an integral part of your safari experience. Be prepared for potential wildlife sightings and a sneak peek into the diverse ecosystems that characterize Tanzania’s natural beauty. From the airport to the heart of the wilderness, your adventure begins the moment you step onto Tanzanian soil.

Experience the magic of Tanzania from the moment you land at Julius Nyerere International Airport, where the spirit of adventure is ignited, and the wonders of this East African gem await.


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In Tanzania and Kenya, several smaller airlines focus on offering both charter and scheduled flight services, enabling passengers to explore the breathtaking landscapes and attractions of these East African countries.

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