Ngorongoro Tortilis Camp


Ngorongoro Tortilis Camp

Discover the enchanting Ngorongoro Tortilis Camp, a haven thoughtfully designed to respect and integrate the Maasai culture into every aspect of its activities. Nestled under a forest canopy at the end of a valley, this camp is a magical oasis bathed in dappled light, surrounded by lush greenery, and infused with the vibrant energy of the high-altitude wonderland. Located just 13km from the Ngorongoro Crater rim, this special retreat offers proximity to the must-visit natural wonder while providing a cozy escape from the cold and mist that often shroud the crater rim throughout the year.


Luxurious tents

Step into the extraordinary world of interconnected tents at Tortilis Camp, where the surprise awaits every visitor. Our tents redefine the traditional camping experience, offering a level of comfort reminiscent of a luxurious lodge. Meticulous attention has been given to the layout, interior design, decoration, materials, fabrics, and furnishings, resulting in a unique East African ambiance. Immerse yourself in the spacious and comfortable surroundings, creating a welcoming haven throughout your Tortilis Experience.

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