Baghayo Garden Suites


Baghayo Garden Suites

Discover the charm of Baghayo Homestead, where genuine warmth meets country hospitality. Nestled on a five-acre coffee estate, adjacent to the wonders of Ngorongoro, our family has cherished and tended to this land for three generations.


Standard Suite

Indulge in the thoughtful design of our interconnected rooms, meticulously crafted for your ultimate comfort. Embracing natural materials such as wood and brick, these rooms create an earthy ambiance that harmonizes with the surrounding farm. Each room is a suite, featuring a separate living room and a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. The living area is adorned with upholstered chairs arranged around a working fireplace, providing a cozy space for relaxation. Step onto your private porch to enjoy scenic views, completing the perfect blend of luxury and tranquility.

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