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Kilimanjaro to Serengeti Sasakwa flights



Embark on a captivating journey from Kilimanjaro to the exclusive Serengeti Sasakwa. Marvel at the transformation from Kilimanjaro lush landscapes to the iconic Sasakwa revealing Africa’s breathtaking beauty and diverse ecosystems. Perfect for nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, and those seeking an extraordinary African adventure. Experience the essence of Tanzania’s natural wonders as you soar above this land of unparalleled beauty and encounter the Serengeti’s magnificent predators in their wild habitats.

Kilimanjaro (JRO) airport

Your journey begins at Kilimanjaro, the bustling airport connecting you to Tanzania’s natural wonders. As you land, embrace the anticipation of a safari adventure, with essential amenities for a smooth transition. From here, your accommodation or safari operator arranges ground transportation, ensuring a seamless journey into the heart of Tanzania’s diverse landscapes. The ecological haven of Kilimanjaro sets the stage for a memorable safari, offering glimpses of wildlife and a preview of the unique habitats that define this remarkable region. Your adventure unfolds from the moment you touch down at Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Serengeti - Sasakwa (SAS0) airport

Landscape in Serengeti National Park Safarisoko

As your aircraft touches down at Serengeti – Sasakwa, the adventure unfolds against the backdrop of Tanzania’s untamed beauty. This airport caters to chartered flights for those embarking on an extraordinary Tanzanian safari. Nestled within the northern safari circuit, it provides essential amenities, complementing the rustic charm of the region. Upon descent, embrace the vibrant landscapes, rich birdlife, and lush greenery, signaling the commencement of your nature-filled journey.

Accessing Serengeti – The Untamed Splendor:

Travelers landing at Serengeti – Sasakwa Airport often have their ground transportation seamlessly arranged by accommodations or safari operators. Pre-discuss your arrival details to ensure a smooth transition from the airstrip to the wilderness. The journey from SAS0 is a thrilling part of the adventure, offering glimpses of wildlife and a sneak peek into the diverse habitats that define Serengeti’s uniqueness. Your Tanzanian safari truly begins as you step onto the tarmac at Serengeti – Sasakwa Airport.

Top Safari Airlines

In Tanzania and Kenya, several smaller airlines focus on offering both charter and scheduled flight services, enabling passengers to explore the breathtaking landscapes and attractions of these East African countries.

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