Serengeti Woodlands Camp


Serengeti Woodlands Camp

Nestled within the Naabi slopes and in close proximity to Lake Ndutu, the Moru Kopjes, and the Hidden Valley, Woodland’s Camp stands as a semi-permanent boutique tented haven. Designed in the style of a traditional mobile safari camp, this carefully chosen location serves as the gateway to the Serengeti, offering optimal access to the ever-changing wildlife that graces Woodlands throughout the year.

Positioned to provide a front-row seat to the annual wildebeest migration, Woodlands Camp also captures the heart-stirring moments of the calving season, where the Serengeti plains come alive with the arrival of hundreds, if not thousands, of baby calves. These remarkable spectacles unfold not only in the public areas, including the Lounge & Dining Tent, but also from the sanctuary of the tented suites. Each suite serves as a perfect vantage point for immersive game-viewing.

Whether you’re stargazing by the camp’s fire pit or indulging in the evening symphony of nocturnal animals that envelop the camp, we invite you to bask in the unparalleled service and hospitality that will undoubtedly enhance your Serengeti experience.


Luxury Family Tent

Indulge in the epitome of family luxury with our spacious Family Tent, featuring a dedicated seating area and the capacity to accommodate four people in utmost comfort.

Luxury Tent Single/Double

Discover unparalleled comfort in our Luxury Tent, which can be arranged as a single or double accommodation. The tent is designed to accommodate up to three people, with the flexibility to add a child bed upon request.

Luxury Tent Twin

Indulge in the luxurious ambiance of our Twin Luxury Tent, boasting incredible panoramic views. These tents can be configured as triple tents, providing ample space to accommodate up to three guests simultaneously.

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