Kon Tiki Serengeti Camp


Kon Tiki Serengeti Camp

Discover the essence of a genuine safari overnight experience with us, where your greatest pleasure becomes ours. Picture yourself in comfortable accommodation tents nestled in the heart of the wilderness, safely tucked into your bed while the vibrant sounds of wildlife surround you.

As the African night sky unfolds above, gather around the flickering flames of a fireplace, sharing stories with fellow travelers. Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere where relaxation meets safety, creating an environment where you can unwind and connect with the raw beauty of nature. Our brand-new canvas tents, thoughtfully adorned with beautiful decorations, showcase the craftsmanship and materials sourced from the local community.

This is not just accommodation; it’s an invitation to embrace the authentic spirit of a safari, where the canvas walls offer a delicate boundary between you and the untamed wilderness. Experience the thrill of being immersed in the sounds of the wild while enjoying the comfort and security of your tent.

Indulge in the pleasure of creating memories around the fire, under the vast African night sky, surrounded by the warmth and camaraderie of fellow travelers. Our commitment to providing a genuine safari experience ensures that every moment is a blend of comfort, adventure, and the magic of the African wilderness.


Standard Tent

At Kon Tiki Serengeti camp, we present 10 meticulously designed accommodation tents, including 2 family tents, each offering a distinctive and comfortable retreat. Step into a world where the canvas walls of your tent house either a king-size bed or 2 single beds, providing a haven of rest and relaxation. The interior also boasts a comfortable sitting area, ensuring a space for unwinding amidst the serenity of the Serengeti.

Your comfort is our priority, with hot and cold running water available 24 hours a day, and an en-suite bathroom featuring a flush toilet, sink, and shower. We go the extra mile to provide bottled water in the rooms, ensuring you stay refreshed throughout your stay. Our commitment to cleanliness and hospitality is reflected in our daily housekeeping service, ensuring that your accommodation is always a haven of comfort.

Indulge in the luxury of simplicity as you immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Serengeti. The accommodation tents at Kon Tiki Serengeti camp offer a blend of convenience and wilderness charm, creating an atmosphere where every detail is considered to make your stay unforgettable.

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