KasKaz Mara Camp


KasKaz Mara Camp

Immerse yourself in the symphony of nature at Nasikia’s Kaskaz Mara Camp, where the cooing of Mourning Doves harmonizes with the lively sounds of Blue Wildebeest running the exhilarating gauntlet of the Mara River. Just a short drive from Kogatende Airstrip, this camp unveils a breathtaking spectacle of the Great Migration throughout the year.

Discover unparalleled indulgence in our ten tented suites, strategically positioned for optimal migration viewing. Each suite boasts large netted windows, Serengeti-style air conditioning, billowing cotton curtains, oversized beds, and stylish indoor and outdoor furnishings. Experience the spaciousness of the rooms, adorned with great hardwood double vanities and hand-carved decor infused with Swahili flair.

Kaskaz Mara Camp is a haven of style and grace in the far northern Serengeti, welcoming both drive-in and game package clients. Carefully designed to showcase the unique environment, the camp invites exploration of the captivating wilderness on foot. Engage with our in-house armed walking guide, follow animal tracks, inhale the scents carried by the breeze, and relish the satisfying crunch of fauna underfoot.


Family Tent

Indulge in the perfect family escape with our Family Suited Tent, where classic luxury meets spacious comfort. Immerse yourself in the embrace of high-quality linens, and experience unparalleled attention to service.

Tented Suite

Discover the epitome of indulgence with our Tented Suite – a harmonious blend of classic elegance, luxurious spaciousness, and exceptional service. Immerse yourself in high-quality linens, creating a haven of comfort and style.

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