Acacia Farm Lodge


Acacia Farm Lodge

The meticulously crafted luxury suites at our lodge are designed with a distinctive configuration that prioritizes privacy and tranquility, making them ideal for couples and smaller groups. Each suite is a sanctuary of solitude, perfect for guests seeking a personalized and exclusive experience. Whether you are a solo adventurer on a quest for serenity, a couple embarking on a romantic and private safari, a family in need of engaging activities for children, or part of a larger group with diverse needs, our lodge offers an adaptable and luxurious solution.

Our lodge distinguishes itself as a versatile retreat, adept at catering to the varied preferences of our guests. From the solo traveler seeking a quiet haven to couples desiring a secluded and romantic getaway, from families looking for fun-filled activities to larger groups with specific requirements, the lodge is an embodiment of bespoke luxury. The suites blend sophisticated luxury with personalized attention to detail, ensuring that each guest’s unique desires are met with precision and care. Set against a backdrop of tranquility, our lodge provides an array of tailored services, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for every visitor, irrespective of their reason for travel.


Suite Room

Our distinguished lodging offers a total of 32 impeccably designed rooms, thoughtfully distributed across 16 elegantly spaced cottages. In each cottage, you’ll find two individual rooms, creating an ideal balance between a sense of community and personal luxury. Guests are invited to unwind in our sumptuous room suites, each boasting a private balcony or terrace from which to soak in the spectacular views.

Decorated with a refined, classic aesthetic, each room features polished ceramic flooring and carefully selected furniture, embodying the essence of sophisticated Acacia-style hospitality. The design and d├ęcor of each suite are tailored to provide an atmosphere of luxurious comfort, making them perfect for guests seeking an upscale and tranquil retreat.

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