Sea Cliff Golf


Enjoy an exceptional golfing experience at this premier destination

Golf enthusiasts can anticipate an exciting experience at Sea Cliff Resort, boasting Zanzibar’s first Peter Matkovich golf course. Set in the picturesque Zanzibar island surroundings, the nine-hole course winds through tropical bush, mango trees, palms, and a beautiful mangrove swamp. With coastal low dunes along the ocean on certain holes, it offers a unique golfing landscape.

While officially a nine-hole course, Sea Cliff provides an expanded 18-hole golf experience with different tee locations. The diverse holes, varying in par, distance, and angle, ensure a delightful island golfing adventure. The course features a driving range and a short game practice facility. After a round, golfers can unwind on the Clubhouse Verandah, located on a private beach, enjoying sunset views over the ocean.

With a par of 71, Sea Cliff’s holes range from short to long par 3s, diverse par 4s (some drivable depending on wind), and entertaining par 5s. Being coastal, the influence of the wind provides a unique challenge, offering a different course experience daily. The course aims to provide a fun resort experience while introducing newcomers to the game. Sea Cliff’s golf course, situated in the paradise-like setting of Zanzibar, invites players of all levels to enjoy a challenging yet enjoyable test amid breathtaking surroundings. It’s a perfect way to make the most of your visit, whether for leisure or business, on this stunning layout, capturing the essence of the island’s allure, time and time again.


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A visit to Sea Cliff Golf includes access to a world-class golf course with stunning coastal views, professional amenities, and a serene atmosphere.


For a visit to Sea Cliff Golf, pack essentials such as comfortable golf attire, appropriate footwear, sun protection, your golf clubs, and any personal items you may need. Ensure a pleasant and enjoyable golfing experience by preparing accordingly.