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Discovering Tanzania's Beauty, The Ultimate Way

Our scheduled safaris unite like-minded travelers for a shared adventure, offering the benefits of cost reduction and the chance to forge new friendships with fellow Africa enthusiasts. With multiple departures each week, featuring diverse itineraries and accommodation options to suit various schedules and budgets, our scheduled programs can also be arranged as private safaris upon request (at a slightly higher cost), operating on any date based on accommodation availability.

Certain safaris, such as the Simba Safari and Elewana SkySafari, incorporate overnights in Arusha, facilitating evening arrivals. While the Simba Safari allows for same-day arrival on the journey to Lake Manyara National Park, arriving at Kilimanjaro National Park must be before 12:30 to avoid delays for others. Simba Safaris return to Arusha city center by 12:30, enabling a flight out of Arusha Airport departing at 12:45 if extending to Zanzibar. For departures from Kilimanjaro International Airport, the earliest recommended flight should be 15:30 or later. Some instances may necessitate a picnic lunch if time constraints don’t permit dining in Arusha before proceeding to check in for your onward flight.


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Experience Ranger Safaris with professionally guided tours, a modern fleet of 4×4 vehicles, exclusive transfers, state-of-the-art facilities, and strategic partnerships for consistent service throughout Tanzania. Celebrating 40 years, Ranger Safaris ensures exceptional safari experiences with its evolved offerings and expert team.


For a memorable safari with Ranger Safaris, pack comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes, sun protection, a camera, binoculars, insect repellent, a small backpack. These essentials ensure a comfortable and enjoyable adventure in Tanzania’s wilderness.