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About Zanair

Zanair Limited, a pioneering airline in the Tanzanian region, has been providing domestic flights and air services to and between the Tanzanian islands, key hubs, and exclusive safari destinations for over 20 years.

With a wealth of experience and thousands of flight hours under its belt, Zanair is a trusted name in the East African aviation industry. As one of the few flight operators licensed for night-time operations, Zanair ensures flexible and reliable services for its passengers across Tanzania.

Baggage, Check-in and Children

Baggage Allowance:

Due to the smaller seating capacities of ZanAir’s aircraft, ranging from 5 to 13 seats per plane, baggage allowances are somewhat limited. Each passenger is allowed a total baggage weight of 15 kg, including both carry-on and checked items. Soft bags are highly recommended, as large, rigid suitcases can take up considerable space in the cargo bay, causing inconvenience. Oversized or elongated items such as fishing rods, bicycles, golf bags, surfboards, or diving equipment may not be accommodated on some of ZanAir’s more compact aircraft.

Flying with Children:

Currently, ZanAir does not offer specific provisions for children traveling with the airline.


Individuals: Check-in time for individual passengers is 1 hour before flight departure.

Group Travelers: For groups, check-in time is 1.5 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Please note that check-in counters close 15 minutes before takeoff. Additionally, ZanAir provides an online check-in service through its website for added convenience.

The Fleet

ZanAir’s diverse fleet consists of 5 aircraft, each designed to cater to specific travel needs and preferences:

1 x Cessna 207: Known as the efficient island hopper, this 5-seater, single-engine aircraft is perfect for scenic flights and navigating bush areas.

2 x Cessna 208 B Grand Caravans: Serving as the workhorse of Tanzanian skies, these 13-seater, single-engine planes are ideal for longer flights to and from safari destinations with varying landing and take-off conditions.

2 x Cessna 404 Titans: These 11-seater, twin-engine aircraft offer speed, spaciousness, and are licensed for nighttime operations. The retractable landing gear adds to their versatility.

ZanAir’s aircraft fleet is designed to provide a range of travel experiences, ensuring passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

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