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Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply generally to all services offered by Regional Air when a ticket is bought through EasyOTA LTd t/a or

Please ensure you read carefully the Terms and Conditions. Your payment for the flight ticket confirms acceptance of these terms and conditions.

  1. Passengers must hold a ticket in order to board a flight. All air carriage is subject to the rules and limitations relating to liability established by the Warsaw Convention and/or Montreal Convention 1999.
  2. Each passenger is allowed 15 kgs of personal baggage. This allowance shall include all hand baggage. Soft bags are a   requirement.

The Company does not accept liability for any valuables including any cash, credit card, jewellery, cameras, computers etc. contained in checked baggage.

  • All baggage checked in is tagged and loaded by the airline, but on disembarking the passenger must ensure he/she has all their bags.
  • Excess Baggage: The carriage of excess baggage is at the sole discretion of the Captain, after taking into consideration the aircraft being used, and the number of passengers booked. When excess baggage is carried it will be charged at the prevailing freight rate.
  • In the event of the baggage or freight being lost or damaged during carriage, then the Company’s liability is limited to a maximum of US$10 per kg. All claims for such events must be made in writing within 7 days of their occurrence. All unaccompanied baggage must be open for inspection at check-in.
  1. CHECK-IN.
  • Arusha, Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar: 1 hour before scheduled departure time.
  • Other airstrips: 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • The Company reserves the right to re-allocate seats if passenger have not checked in 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
  1. Regional Air Services undertakes to use its best endeavours to carry the passenger and his baggage with reasonable dispatch, but no particular time is fixed for the commencement or completion of carriage. Subject thereto, Regional Air Services may, without prior notice, substitute, alte;rnate carriers of aircraft and may alte;r or omit the stopping place previously agreed upon. Times indicated on brochures are approximate and not guaranteed.
  • Should the arrival or departure times vary from these timetables, the Company will endeavour to notify all agents and passengers of the amended time.
  • The Company does not accept any liability for any direct or consequential costs arising from any delays in carriage due to any reasons whatsoever. The Company reserves the right to change departure times or carrier when so required for operational or safety reasons, or weather.
  1. No liability whatsoever is accepted towards passengers or hirers, their dependants or any other persons in respect of death, injury, sickness, damage or loss, whether sustained on board the aircraft, in course of any operations of the flight, embarking, disembarking or otherwise. Any exclusions or limitation of liability of carrier shall apply to and be for the benefit of agents, servants and representative of carrier and any other person whose aircrafts is used by carrier for the carriage and its agents, servants and representatives.
  • Passengers who have paid via credit card must carry the original credit card or copy of front of the card on which payment was made. Airport staff may ask for it as proof of payment. Failing to provide the card or copy will not be accepted by Regional Air Services flight.
  • We do not accept children travelling unaccompanied under their 12th birthday.
  1. All Regional Air Services flights are non-smoking.
  2. To secure reservation, full payment must be made at least 14 days in advance, unless a credit facility with the Company is in place.
  3. GROUP BOOKINGS (9 – 12).

Reconfirmation of the booking is required 14 days prior to date of flight. Notification will be given and the booking will be automatically cancelled if re-confirmation is not expedited.

  • Reservations cancelled or amended 7 days or more before date of travel will be refunded in full, although a handling fee of $10 per ticket is payable if tickets have been issued.
  • Cancellations or amendments within the period of 7 to 4 days before date of travel will be charged a handling fee of $50 per ticket.
  • Cancellations or amendments within 4 days before date of travel or any “NO SHOWS” will be charged in full unless, for good reason, the passenger wishes to postpone their flight. In this case, a fee of $50 will be payable for a new ticket to be issued. Tickets are valid for 6 months.
  • All seats booked will be considered firm if not cancelled 14 days prior to flight.
  1. All claims for any event should be received in writing within 7 days of its occurrence. All cases of dispute are under the Law of Tanzania.
  2. An air carrier issuing a ticket for carriage over the lnes of another air carrier does so only as its agent.

No agent, servant or representative of the carrier has the authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of this contract.